Our recreational swim team is designed to provide children with a positive team environment for learning good sportsmanship through competitive swimming. All four competitive strokes will be developed as well as starts and turns. The team is intended for swimmers to improve their swimming skills, build self confidence, and make new friends. Our team is traditionally part of the Metro Swim League.


If you are new to our team this year- WELCOME! Been with us before, WELCOME BACK!

Please read this information thoroughly so you know what to expect during the first practice.

  • A bag big enough for all your stuff
  • Bathing suit- worn to practice
  • Towel
  • Goggles (an extra pair is always handy)
  • Flipper/Fins- these are not required but Beede fins will not be available. Kickboards and pull buoys will be available but families may want to have their own.
  • Clothes to change into if necessary
  • All Otters must swim on their designated swim time and day. There will be no making up missed practices on other days.
  • All Otters under 14 must have a parent/guardian on the premises in the bleachers or in their car. 
  • We do not keep a lost and found. Try to keep track of those goggles, water bottles, etc!
  • Please come to practice already wearing your suit so you can bypass the locker room.
  • Swimming in the pools before and/or after practice is not permitted.

Aquatics Programs Policies

If you would like Otters gear here is the website.